Friday, 24 June 2011

Gilmor's Raid

Photograph & Edit by Kelly Weihs
For the past three summers, I have been going to a historical reenactment of an event that happened in July 1864. It is held at a place called Jerusalem Mill Village, a living history museum which has history from the 18th to early 20th century. On July 11th, Major Harry Gilmore raided the General Store, requisitioning supplies and horses.
The Raid!

Illustration © Kelly Weihs
Jerusalem Mill Village is easily one of my favourite local historical places – they hold excellent events and all of the people (reenactors, spectators and organizers) I have encountered there are friendly and excited to meet anyone visiting the location. Their website is a great place to go to find out more about upcoming events. (I once attended the "British Invasion" event in October 2009, after finding out about it at the Raid event!)

Two years ago when I visited, I ended up doing a Visual Essay for an illustration course by the same name, on my experience talking with the reenactors. I can hardly believe how much time passed since I conducted this visual essay! I think when spending so much time to recreate the memories and scenes for the project, I really began to love the event. The visual essay can be viewed here.

Cooling off in the Little Gunpowder after doing some raiding!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Screenprintin' on a Saturday

This weekend I finally got the chance to go to a screenprinting class held at one of my local art stores!
I have wanted to learn for a few years now and now it is somewhat demystified. Matt Muirhead was the instructor, and he brought many of his own screens for the class to experiment with and make prints on paper and t-shirts. (He even brought with him a nice assistant, Dina, who cleaned up the messy screens for everyone! So kind of her.)
You can see more of Matt's screenprinting and painting work at his website!

Screens made by Matt Muirhead, prints made my me (the easy part!)

I had purchased a screen printing kit at the very same art store last year, (with a big coupon), and it has sadly sat untouched since then. I will definately have to take over part of the basement and laundry room tub to start doing some screenprinting of my own...
I put this owl on the t-shirt, Screen made by Matt Muirhead

I meant to take photos of the process, but the entire time I seemed to have paint on my hands. Hmm.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Silhouettes on a Sunday

Today I meandered over to one of my favourite places, Hampton Mansion for a program on the history of silhouettes, and then to have my own silhouette cut! Lauren Muney, the silhouette artist gave a wonderful presentation. Each silhouette takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Silhouettes are just another historical artform that I love to look at, and was even more fascinating to watch happen in person. (I am probably going to add 'silhouettes' to my long list of historical-arts that I wish to learn!)

More on silhouettes and Lauren Muney at her info-blog Silhouettes By HandSnake Oil Productions is her main site, where she has information on a plethora of other talents and skills that she possesses!

Cutting a portrait of Doctor William Beanes (portrayed by Paul Plamann)

 At the presentation, a Doctor William Beanes was present to have his silhouette done. Beanes was a man who was captured by the British in the War of 1812, and was rescued by Francis Scott Key. You can read the (longer, more explained version) if you click on his name.

I love how patient people who perform at reenactments, living history events or arts are with all of my questions and photographs! I am forever grateful.

An amateur silhouette of myself created a year ago with cheatin' digital techniques!