Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stay Warm!

Autumn has certainly settled in. The weather has cooled down significantly, the leaves have changed and are now gathering in the grass (and everywhere), ready to be raked up. Usually I spend more time outdoors in the cold months, but looking back at this summer ...I may prove myself wrong.

I am ready for walks, hiking and even snowshoeing!

And I am ready for fall/winter clothing!
I took a loooong break from shopping for clothing, because I was only working at a place where jeans/t-shirt was the norm. But now I have a little more freedom with an office job, and can dress like I want to!

Here are some new things I picked up recently.
(While I don't wear real fur, I do love faux fur. As you may or may not have noticed.)

 1. Anthropologie     2. Etienne Aigner    3. Target     4. (something very similar from) H&M     5. Target     6. H&M
A little behind my ideal blog-posting-schedule, but with trying to overcome some skin allergies I have been very busy! Since July my hands have been 'messed up' so the drawing and painting is at a small hiatus again as it painful.

By the way, the painted rain barrel sold for $175.50! I hope its new owner enjoys it.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Like Painting Fish On A Barrel

"Kelly, who holds a BFA in illustration and graphic
design, found her design vision in the Chesapeake
Bay, and the creatures who live in the ecosphere
below the estuary’s surface."
Late this past summer, I made this rain barrel for P&H, and it's being auctioned off on ebay to raise money for American Rivers. Go bid on it if you need a designer rain barrel! Using acrylics is something I do not usually do, so it was an interesting project. There are other barrels available by other artists, too, which can be seen on the P&H ebay listing.

Watch a 360˚ turnaround! Too bad the puffer fish is last.


I took photographs of the barrel before it left, but I never got around to cleaning them up, so these will have to do!

Monday, 3 October 2011

A Cloudy Day in New Castle

fox on a door!
A very brief visit to New Castle, Delaware. Established in 1651. I sadly was not able to go into any historic homes or do tours. There was a colonial tavern/restaurant which I was able eat at, and a bead shop in which I purchased unnecessary things. This is the trouble with going to small towns on Sundays.

The sidewalks and some roads are cobblestone, there are historical buildings galore and some more 'recent' things such as painted advertisements on the sides of some buildings.

Ah, America is so young. I miss seeing old, old cities.