Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Brandywine River Museum (Adventure)

The Brandywine River Museum is someplace that I was vaguely aware of for many years but never got around to visiting. Finally this weekend, in a last-minute sort of way, I ended up there.

And I obviously did not know what I was missing out on by taking so long to visit!

In university, the Brandywine School was discussed in art history – I never knew it was so close to where we were studying – but I don't think I knew as much about it as I should have. Art history lectures were really something else in my experience. All sorts of information thrown at you with the same feeling of importance.

And then Behold! The museum. Three generations of Wyeth art, American Illustration and a current exhibit called Comic Catharsis: A Gift of Cartoons by William Steig. I loved the Illustration section so much I would have liked to go back and see it once again if it weren't so close to closing time.

Years ago in North Carolina, wandering around in the summer heat, I came across the Greenville County Museum of Art which had a collection of Andrew Wyeth's work. I definitely think I have a better appreciation of his art once I have seen it in person, rather than the first time I saw it (small and unimpressive in a text book in a lecture class).

Unfortunately, there were many of the museum's people standing around so I did not get to take photos of the art. But some of the landscape...

The Brandywine River

If you ever visit southeastern Pennsylvania, I recommend a visit to this place.

I would really love to visit the National Museum of American Illustration one day, but as it is in Rhode Island, I am not where when that will happen!