Friday, 25 May 2012

Visiting Antietam & Battlefield Artists

looking up from Bloody Lane...
Almost the end of May already!
Two weeks ago or so, I visited Antietam Battlefield Park, near Sharpsburg MD. (A Civil War battlefield, Sept. 17, 1862.) It was a poor day for it, it was raining awfully. I guess it did create an atmosphere.

I took a group tour bus...and there was not much getting off the bus. It took quite awhile to get there, because of said rain. Quite unfortunate.

It was the single bloodiest single battle day of American history. The battlefield is really well preserved, which makes it even more interesting to go through.

More Bloody Lane (the only off the bus stop!)
Bloody Lane

from NPS website (see link on right)
Also, in the very tiny museum part of the visitor centre they had some paintings by James Hope, a Civil War artist. He would do sketches on the battlefield and then do paintings from them. He did a 12 foot painting which is considered the best visual record of the battle. After he died the paintings fell into disrepair (1930s flood damaged most of his work, rodents and birds destroyed things too).

from National Geographic website (see link on left)

Also in May's National Geographic magazine, there was a Civil War article on Battlefield Art. Here is the online article if you're interested! And the sketches slideshow, which is definitely worth a browse. The use of Chinese white pigment to depict flames and the dark papers with the fold creases are very interesting and inspiring to me.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mad About Hats.

This is a good time to talk about hats. The Preakness is coming up, and the Kentucky Derby happened earlier this month. No big fancy hats here though...

Hats have captivated my interest for awhile now. Though I must admit it I started wearing them out of necessity, and for no other reason. Being very fair skinned (or ghostly pale, whichever), I burn so amazingly easy in the sun. Baseball caps to me are beyond ugly, and those large sunhats make you look like you're always on the way to the beach. So I started to buy cloche style hats – perfect with my short hair and never overwhelmed my features. It started simple. Black straw cloche for summer, black wool felt for winter. But now the hat thing has expanded.

Here are three latest summer hats, thanks to a wonderful sale at Target. The one with a black ribbon is a boater hat, while the other two are classified as cloches.

I have in my possession, a vintage cloche which I bought at a place near my home. It had been stored well and there was little damage to fact it looked like it may have never even been worn! The damage is just that a piece of the wire that shapes it in the back is broken. Also, it has thick black grosgrain ribbons to tie under the chin. It is by Gibbé Hats Paris and New York, Union Made. One day I hope to narrow down what date it was made. If anyone happens to know a good site to identify vintage tags...please do share!

Hat Label
Cloche in Question
Anyone else fancy a certain kind of hat?
Next time I blog about headware it will be about more historical things...such as bonnets.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Stitched Armadillo

Last night I finished this small project. It was started when I was meeting with some friends who were all working on ongoing projects and I did not have anything so I started this. One day I will learn how to do some real or fancy embroidery.
Why an armadillo? Why not!
They are one of my favourite animals.
Also this is my first time blogging from my phone, so please excuse it if it has terrible formatting ...