Friday, 25 May 2012

Visiting Antietam & Battlefield Artists

looking up from Bloody Lane...
Almost the end of May already!
Two weeks ago or so, I visited Antietam Battlefield Park, near Sharpsburg MD. (A Civil War battlefield, Sept. 17, 1862.) It was a poor day for it, it was raining awfully. I guess it did create an atmosphere.

I took a group tour bus...and there was not much getting off the bus. It took quite awhile to get there, because of said rain. Quite unfortunate.

It was the single bloodiest single battle day of American history. The battlefield is really well preserved, which makes it even more interesting to go through.

More Bloody Lane (the only off the bus stop!)
Bloody Lane

from NPS website (see link on right)
Also, in the very tiny museum part of the visitor centre they had some paintings by James Hope, a Civil War artist. He would do sketches on the battlefield and then do paintings from them. He did a 12 foot painting which is considered the best visual record of the battle. After he died the paintings fell into disrepair (1930s flood damaged most of his work, rodents and birds destroyed things too).

from National Geographic website (see link on left)

Also in May's National Geographic magazine, there was a Civil War article on Battlefield Art. Here is the online article if you're interested! And the sketches slideshow, which is definitely worth a browse. The use of Chinese white pigment to depict flames and the dark papers with the fold creases are very interesting and inspiring to me.


  1. What a shame that the weather was so awful, but these are such interesting photos. I like the way you showed the old scene beside the photo you took. The painting by James Hope is also fascinating, how sad that most of his work was damaged.

    1. Thank you so much Louisa, glad you liked the photos!
      Yes, an artist it makes me terribly sad to know works get lost/ruined forever...