Monday, 30 July 2012


Lately have been spending about half my time away from my home! But no complaints. These photos are from last week's weekend – no photos this weekend as I spent it being lazy with my boyfriend who broke his wrist about a week ago.

Paper I bought, and paper I punched! I haven't decided quite what to do with the new paper, I bought it because I love the patterns and colours. Ideas?
One of mine was to use it for some cards or something but the print is a bit large.

Friday, 20 July 2012

PJ Gilligan's Dry Goods & Mercantile Co.

The boyfriend took me to a most delightful place last weekend – an 1860s general store! This place is a fantastic visual study. This would have been the perfect spot to do an illustration assignment back in university! So many interesting things.

I am trying out posting this on a schedule, so by the time if you read this (if it works) I will be on my way to my next adventure! Lately I've been doing more sewing than drawing – but still plenty of design work. It's a nice change, and actually a really nice break to learn something 'new'. And still more adventuring...
Have also been using pinterest as sort of a gathering place to imagery I like, very convenient to me as I am never on the same computer or on my phone when browsing these days. What a nice and busy summer!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lovely Lavender.

June sort of flew by! I can hardly believe it is already July. I wanted to blog this past weekend but was without power/water for a few days due to a storm that passed through the area on Friday. Nothin' like a heatwave to help pass the time! But in all seriousness, I am lucky to have power back. 
What do you do without electricity? I spent many hours reading, since it was too hot to do much else.

Earlier in June there was a lavender festival...
Which was nice. Look at those hills/mountains!

Lavender cuttings were procured.
I also got some lavender for culinary use. I suspect I will blog about that, whenever I get around to making something! Anyone have experience baking with lavender?