Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I Am Convinced...

Does this look like spring to you?
that spring is finally, really here!

To the right there is what it looked like almost exactly a month ago! A surprise snow.

Anyway, it has finally become seasonable. Which means finally being able to go outside even more, and see all the flowers.
One day soon I'd like to do some flower pressings, I think it'd be a really neat idea and I keep seeing them for sale at garden gift shops. The only sort of pressings I've ever done are four leaved clovers in phone books, which are always tragically lost.

I used to be such a winter person, and now I feel more partial to spring, summer and the nice part of autumn. I'm not sure exactly why the change happened. There is something about every season I love dearly. The sights and sounds of each season and their transitions to me are something I will never tire of. Lately I was hearing the spring peepers, but it got a bit cold again so I am not sure if they stopped singing because of that or just their thing is done.

I look forward to the day I can have my very own garden in which I can grow vegetables, but until then I will enjoy my parent's garden – and my boyfriend's garden at work. He is in charge of managing a mid 19th century garden at a historic house. He keeps a blog, which is is interesting and he updates more than I do! It is Garden of Antietam, if you feel so inclined to read it.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Southern Maryland Sketches

...from November!
Drum Point Lighthouse
Five months ago I went on vacation with my beau down to southern Maryland.
After realizing I had neglected to do any meaningful updating that I always intended to do I decided I should post something.
Here are some sketches I did after being provided with a sketchbook and encouraged (quite a bit) by my fellow adventurer. 
I am really not one to want to sit and draw something these days - but I am becoming more open to it.

Does anyone else have someone who encourages you to create something?

an old house we came upon while taking a little hike
a little ink sketch from Point Lookout State Park.